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Saturday, December 21, 2013

World’s largest flag open to visitors through Dec. 24

James Jago
Qatar’s new record-breaking flag will be on display at Lusail City through Tuesday, Dec. 24, organizers have announced.
The 10-ton, 101,000sqm “Flag of Gratitude and Loyalty“ was unveiled and officially declared a Guinness World Record on Monday.
It was originally supposed to be unfurled at Katara Cultural Village’s beachfront, but that plan was scrapped due to logistical issues with transporting the flag. According to the Qatar Tourism Authority:

Qatar’s flag, which sits atop a white base sheet, beats out the record that Romania set for the world’s largest draped flag in May of this year, which was 79,000sqm.

The cloth material used to stitch the flag together, which was flown in on multiple aircraft, will be repurposed into backpacks for children in several different nations, officials said earlier this week.
Have you seen the world’s largest flag yet? Thoughts?