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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand blasts FIFA over 'farcical' 2022 World Cup

Rio-Ferdinand-has-blasted-FIFA-over-the-2022-World-cup-GETTY-Rio Ferdinand has blasted FIFA over the 2022 World cup [GETTY]
Qatar has come under scathing attack for the decision to hold the tournament in the summer due to its scorching climate.
UEFA's 54 member countries have called for the 2022 World Cup to be switched to the winter, even though it has been met with opposition with the rest of European football.
And Ferdinand expressed his disapproval, tweeting: "This World Cup comedy show is a farce. 
"Why give it to Qatar if the weather was an issue? When has it not been hot in the desert in June?!"
He then replied to a tweeter: "Hot? In the desert?? Why weren't we told??:)" > my thoughts exactly!!"
It is believed that the Premier League season in 2022 could finish in October to give players enough time to prepare for the tournament.