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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Qatar to keep World Cup free of human trafficking

Maryam al-Malki
Qatar is working hard to make the FIFA World Cup 2022 an international event free of human trafficking, Maryam al-Malki, director general of Qatar Foundation of Combating Human Trafficking (QFCHT) has said.
QFCHT conducted a workshop on Wednesday in London in co-operation with a universal campaign launched by ‘Stop trafficking-UK’ organisation.
Al-Malki indicated that QFCHT seeks to exchange experiences with institutions working in this field in UK, which have worked with the organising bodies in preparation for the London Olympics 2012.
She said that Qatar has a comprehensive national vision that covers all aspects of life to guarantee sustainable development, and honourable and prosperous life for all people living in the country.
She explained that Qatar encourages openness, cultural exchange, constructive dialogue with different world cultures and peaceful coexistence among different peoples. Further, Qatar was a pioneer in adopting various international agreements to protect human rights and deter any form of abuse.
Al-Malki stressed that Qatar’s record in combating trafficking in persons is praiseworthy. She indicated that the rights of workers in Qatar are protected by the law which guarantees that the rules are observed by employers.
The QFCHT director general said that the country has adopted all necessary legislations to decisively address related issues. QFCHT has also implemented various projects and programmes to enhance awareness about the phenomenon and how to combat it.
Al-Malki emphasised that the well-being of people is the foundation of all Qatari policies. “QFCHT is currently conducting national talks to upgrade Qatar’s strategy in the field of combating human trafficking,” she added.