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Monday, May 7, 2012

Lioness tries to attack toddler dressed like a zebra

Kya tried to put her mouth around Jack, but didn't get very far behind glass at the Oregon Zoo

While it may look like this lioness is about to devour this child, she can't leave a mark because the toddler is behind glass at the Oregon Zoo.
But the glass doesn't stop Kya the lioness from clawing and trying to put its mouth around young Jack.
"I thought it was funny. I wasn't worried or anything," the boy's mother told KPTV, a Fox affiliate in Oregon. "I mean, you can see the glass is like inches thick."
Perhaps it was because the child, dressed in black-and-white stripes, looked just like a small zebra that the lion tried to make him dinner.
While this may scare some parents, Jack's parents can be heard on the video giggling and trying to get him to turn around and say hi to the "kitty."
Jack, however, seems unfazed by what is happening behind him.
According to the Daily Mail, Kya is four years old, weights 250 pounds and has been with the zoo since 2009.
Oregon Zoo workers said the video proves how safe the lion exhibit is and added that lions are often interested in young visitors.
These parents aren't the first to put their child down next to a lion exhibit. A quick YouTube searchreveals dozens of videos of kids up close and personal with dangerous animals at zoos.