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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sexiest Players of FIFA World Cup 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 is predictable to be the most stimulating football tournament of all times with the participation of brilliant soccer stars.
2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off in South Africa starting from11th June and will end with final match at Johannesburg Stadium on 11th July. It will be the 19th FIFA World Cup and involve 32 national teams in the world facing each other in a battle to conclude who may call himself the next World Champion Soccer. Some of the most Sexiest and talented players of FIFA World Cup 2010 are mentioned in this article. You can also see here the photo and description of Sexiest Players of FIFA World Cup 2010.
The best 32 team includes 13 European, 5 South-American, 6 African, 5 Asian and 3 North American. FIFA World Cup 2010 will be watched by billions of admiring fans all routing for their home country. Players of FIFA World Cup 2010 will capture the hearts of female fans all over the world with their artistic playing styles and attractive look. Let us get pleasure from the most gorgeous photo shoots of football stars at World Cup 2010.

List of most Sexiest and Handsome Football Players

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
A Portuguese footballer and captain of the Portuguese national team is Cristiano Ronaldo (age 25). He is also the model of Nike and Giorgio Armani With ideal body. Presently Ronaldo holds the distinction of being the most expensive player in football history after having transferred to Real Madrid from Manchester United in a deal worth £80 million. It is assumed that his contract with Real Madrid have made him the highest-paid football player in the world. His love life has always been complex with reported dalliances with party girls Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and a host of Iberian beauties.
Fernando Torres (Spain)
26 years old Fernando José Torres Sanz is a Spanish football player and captain of Atlético Madrid. For his youthful face, he is nicknamed as El Niño (The Kid). Torres married Olalla Domínguez Liste, with who he had been in a relationship since 2001 in May 2009. It was reported in 2009 that Torres has a personal fortune of £14 million. He made a cameo appearance in the 2005 comedy film Torrente 3: El protector and features in the video for "Ya Nada Volverá A Ser Como Antes" by Spanish rock group El Canto del Loco, and also released an autobiography entitled El Nino: My Story in 2009.
Kaka (Brazil)
28 years old Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite generally known as Kaká, is a Brazilian football midfielder who at present plays for Real Madrid C.F. and the Brazilian national team. This man always looks good whether he is running around in his Real Madrid jersey or modeling for Armani. Raí, the previous Brazilian and São Paulo FC captain, has always been the idol of Kaká. Although his busy career on and off the pitch, he manages to be a devoted husband and father as well. He is also known for his humanitarian work.
Carlos Bocanegra (USA)
Carlos Manuel Bocanegra (age 31) is the outstanding footballer of American team and the captain of the United States national team. His stifling looks, which can be explained through his Mexican descent, have also caught the attention of many photographers. As a captain of the United Statesnational team, he defeated No. 1 ranked Spain to win one of the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup semi-final games on June 24, 2009.
Fabio Cannavaro (Italy)
Fabio Cannavaro (born 13 September 1973) is an Italian footballer and at present the captain of the Italian national team. Especially he is noted for his reading of the game, a capability that often sees him make numerous interceptions during games. This will be the Fabio’s last major tournament as he and his teammates aim to defend the trophy they won so spectacularly in Germany four years ago.
Cesc Fabregas (Spain)

Cesc Fabregas (age 23) plays for the Spanish national team and is sure to set hearts racing with his boyish excellent looks and impish charm. Even though women all over the world will be sad to hear that Cesc is happily in love with his Spanish girlfriend Carla.
Claudio Marchisio (Italy)
24 years old, an Italian footballer Claudio Marchisio plays as a midfielder for Serie A club Juventus and the Italian national team. He is lovingly known to supporters as Il Principino ("Little Prince"), a nickname he got from the famous Italian football commentator Claudio Zuliani. In reference to his national teammate Daniele De Rossi of Roma, some fans and observers have also dubbed him the "De Rossi of Turin", due to their alike style of play and the fact that both are local born and bred youth products and are tipped to be future captains of their respective clubs.