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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Interesting Facts About FIFA World Cup-Amazing History Facts

Wolrd Cup for FIFA FootBall

Well, You all might know the term FIFA..! Ooh Yes,!! its the Federation Internationale De Football Association (FIFA) :-P , the sports global governing body.
Some Interesting Facts about the FIFA world Cup which are Amazing too are:-
First FIFA world cup in 1930
Interesting Facts about First World Cup|

1. The first FIFA world cup was played in Uruguay in South America in the year. 1930, on 13 July.

2. The Game was later held every after four year except in 1942 and 1946, due to 2nd World war.
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Named in honour of the late Russian-Soviet football goalkeeper, the “Yashin Award” is given to the best goalkeeper of the Tournament based on the tournament based on the player’s performance throughout the Final Competition.

3. The headquarter of FIFA is located in Zurich, Switzerland.
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From the year 1962 to 2006, the World Cup was won alternatively by the South Americans and Europeans !

4. In the first FIFA world cup only 13 team took part and now it has long way to its 32 Que team in the final tournament.

5. The first world cup was one to be played without a qualification process and was invited to compete to every country which was affiliated with FIFA.
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A four-day war fought  by EL Salvador and Hondus in 1960 is known as the Football war!
6.The First FIFA winner:-The first world Cup was won by the host team, Uruguay.

7.The First Goal:- In just 19 minutes into game, Lucien Laurent of France made a history by Scoring the first World Cup.

8.The First Red card:-  Chile’s Carlos Caszely in 1974 in the match against West Germany.
Do you know ?..In the 1978 FIFA World Cup, Ernie Brandts of the Netherlands become the only player to have scored a goal for both teams in the same match in the World Cup Finals.

9. Youngest Player:- Norman Whiteside from norther Ireland. He was 17 years & 41 days old, played against Yugoslavia in 1982.

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