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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wait, what? FIFA would not rule out revote on 2022 World Cup

Joseph Blatter
With evidence mounting on a daily basis that Qatar may have bribed soccer officials to obtain its bid to host the 2022 World Cup (yeah, and Arnold Schwarzenegger “may” receive a couple of extra Father’s Day gifts this year), FIFA president Sepp Blatter said that he would not rule out a re-vote. Wow. Qatar must be delighted by this.
IFA president Sepp Blatter refused to rule out a re-run of the 2022 World Cup bid vote if bribery allegations are proven after announcing that the whistleblower at the centre of the claims has agreed to go to FIFA to give evidence in person.
Blatter said: “This is an idea circulating already around the world which is alarming. But don’t ask me now yes or no, let us go step by step. It’s like we are in an ordinary court and in an ordinary court we cannot ask: ‘if, if, if’.”
Blatter, speaking in an interview at FIFA headquarters, added: “We are anxiously awaiting for these evidences or non-evidences in order that we can take the adequate steps.
“We will organise and the newspaper have agreed that we will bring this whistleblower here to Zurich and then we will have an investigation of this.”
Obviously Blatter would have to be dragged into a re-vote by his hair, which would prove very difficult for a variety of reasons. But he can’t categorically dismiss a re-vote, just in case a smoking gun shows up that would force his hand. So in essence he’s saying, ‘Hey, give us a chance to suppress this. Then if we fail, I’ll look courageous in staging a new vote.’
You see, here’s the trouble with snubbing large nations like the U.S., England and Australia for World Cup bids. All of these countries have millions on Internet users, and they love conspiracy theories. Give them 11 years to dig up dirt, and they’re going to find some.
On the other hand, I’d hate to see what happens to the price of gas if Qatar loses their bid.