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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FEATURED ARTICLE: Qatar Has 2022 World Cup Bid But Changes Looming

Published date: 18 January 2011 |
Published by: Reporter

There was plenty of controversy when Qatar was selected to host the 2022 World Cup. Months later, not only has it not quieted down but it’s picking up steam.
Experts betting on football at BetUs weren’t expecting Qatar to earn the selection (suffice to say Qatar was a big underdog) but after some recent comments by FIFA Vice President Michel Platini, there’s in fact a chance that Qatar may have to learn to share.
It seems odd and it somewhat comes out of left field – since nothing was mentioned during the entire bidding process – but Platini suggested that the entire Persian Gulf may share the Qatar World Cup in 2022 rather than just have Qatar serve host on its own.
But this isn’t the first oddball comment we’ve heard from a FIFA official since Qatar was selected; President Sepp Blatter also dropped a bombshell recently.
Blatter suggested that the World Cup may be played through the winter months, which is somewhat of a surprise considering – once again – nothing was mentioned during the bidding process. Typically, the World Cup is played at roughly the same time of the year once every four years, so playing it in the winter time would be a significant change. But until Blatter mentioned it as a possibility, nobody had even brought it up as a legitimate option.
Maybe Blatter and Platini are simply looking for solutions to a recent concern that the weather during the summer months will be unbearable for the players. Again, it seems to be something that was overlooked in the bidding process, so Blatter and Platini could be tossing out some possibilities for adjustments.
There’s still 12 years until the tournament takes place and from the sounds of it, quite a bit could change before then.