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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bidders for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™


The FIFA World Cup™ is the greatest show on earth, and a FIFA World Cup™ in Australia would be the World Cup the world wants to have: fun, relaxed, safe, secure.
• It would be on the doorstep of the region which is growing faster than any other place in the world – Asia. It is football’s new frontier, and Australia offers certainty, a safe pair of hands and a bridge between Asia and Oceania. As the largest island continent in the world, a FIFA World Cup™ in Australia would also be a FIFA World Cup™ for three continents.
Australia also has an outstanding record in hosting marquee events. Everything we’ve done beforehand – the FIFA World Youth Cup, Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Cricket and Rugby World Cups, World Expo and others – have all been ‘dress rehearsals’ for the big one: the FIFA World Cup™.
• We have outstanding sports infrastructure and stadia that have hosted many international events accommodating up to 100,000 people and we have well-developed, safe, modern transport systems.
Australia is a unique place to visit. It’s the world’s greatest playground – with modern cities, the outback, World Heritage regions, the alps, beautiful beaches, rainforests and the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef.
Australia is home to the guardians of one of the world’s oldest continuing cultures as well as a diverse community of people from all over the world. A FIFA World Cup™ in Australia would be like a home game for everyone.
• And with two consecutive appearances in the FIFA World Cup™, Australia is building a passion for football.
A FIFA World Cup™ in Australia would be a true celebration of everything football stands for, and a gift from Australia to the world.
Come Play! in Australia in 2018 or 2022.


Qatar is bidding to host the FIFA World Cup™ in 2022. A World Cup in
Qatar would be the first global sporting event ever to be hosted in the
Middle East.

Qatar is truly in the Middle, not in the East or West, and within
reach for fans all around the globe.  Indeed, only Qatar can guarantee
everybody fine broadcasting times on TV and the Internet.

By taking place in Qatar, the World Cup™ will for the first time come
to a region brimming with sporting potential and passion. More than 435
million Middle Easterners will be waiting for the Game in 2022.

The Qatar 2022 World Cup™ will be compact - to the benefit of the
fans, FIFA and the environment.

Qatar's compact games plan would save fans travel time and money as well
as reducing the impact on the environment. Renewable technologies and
architecturally advanced venues and facilities built to the highest
environmental standards would also ensure players and fans alike enjoy
each match in a cool environment.

Qatar is committed to using and developing eco-friendly technologies
for stadiums that can then be adopted in other countries. After the 2022
World Cup, part of each modular stadium will be reduced in size to be
used as permanent stadiums; the other part will be used as stand modules
to be re-erected in other Asian countries in collaboration with Reach
Out to Asia, helping the spirit of the tournament live on across the

And, naturally, fans from around the world would experience the magic of
traditional Arab hospitality and leave Qatar with a new understanding of
the Middle East.

The FIFA World Cup™ in the region would bring greater unity and
understanding between peoples from every continent, perfectly reflecting
the FIFA slogan "For the Game; for the World".


Japan 2018/2022
No sporting event matches the World Cup in its appeal.  We in Japan have also felt this universal passion, even before we shared as host of the first tournament in Asia.  And yet, we couldn’t help but to think, couldn’t the World Cup become something even more?
We saw how deeply players, spectators, hosts and fans watching around the world were involved.  We witnessed new bonds created across cultures and languages.  And now, we truly believe Japan can play a vital role in helping the World Cup to be an even greater factor in binding the world as one.  What better opportunity than at such a universal gathering?
We want to achieve the most inclusive and personal event in World Cup history.  And how?  We start by thinking beyond “a host country.”  We invite people around the globe, and not just football fans, to “host” the event with us.  We do this by creating opportunities and venues, both real and virtual, to connect our hopes through the universal language of football.
The world has already embraced many things Japanese in areas from high technology to popular culture.  But for hosting the World Cup, we want to combine both the technological and traditional personal aspects of current Japan.  To reach out as well as to welcome everyone, we will apply the latest technologies with the unique Japanese style the world has come to appreciate.  In short, we want to create a truly universal event!
Japan thus invites the world to this celebration.  Together, we can realize a World Cup on a different, greater dimension.  Beyond the host country to a larger world, a universe of hosts.  Let’s make the World Cup Truly Universal!


The United States bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ is an open invitation to FIFA to return to this country and build upon the legacy that it founded in 1994.
By awarding the 1994 FIFA World Cup™ to the US, FIFA awakened an untapped market to the world’s game.
Today, FIFA’s vision has already paid handsome dividends – but it has the potential to deliver even more both at national and international levels. 
With an abundance of existing state-of-the-art stadiums, the US offers ideal playing conditions and ultimate fan experiences, as well as the prospect of record-breaking crowds of five million spectators for the FIFA World Cup™.  Moreover, with similar predictions of unprecedented attendance for FIFA’s Fan Fest and Confederations Cup, the US is poised to play host to a tournament that will help support and develop the game globally for generations to come. 
The US is a country founded upon cultural diversity.  Its citizens’ varied heritages and their common passion for the world’s game, unite the country in a spirit of sportsmanship that fuels a commitment to social and environmental causes.
The US celebrates FIFA’s core values, and the opportunity to further FIFA’s goals aligns with our country’s pledge to contribute to a sustainable future for the world and its people.
Today, more than ever, “The Game is in US”  But while the world’s game has enjoyed remarkable growth within the US since 1994, the potential of continued growth is even more dramatic.
The United States warmly welcomes the privilege of hosting a FIFA World Cup™ in 2022. To fulfill our vast potential is to honor the game, the tournament and its traditions.  Ultimately, however, our goal is simple – to welcome and embrace all people of the world through the game we all love. 

Korea Republic

Korea Republic
Korea is an ideal place to host the World Cup.  Korea has world-class infrastructure including stadiums, cutting-edge technology particularly in the area of communication, and an efficient transportation system. Korea knows how to run mega sporting events such as the Olympics, Asian Games and the World Cup.  As a result, Korea will need a minimum amount of financial support from FIFA in order to effectively stage the World Cup in 2022.
Koreans have a tremendous love of football.  The characteristics of the Korean spirit—teamwork, commitment, competition, and passion—these are the qualities that make football such an enduring and popular sport throughout the world. Korea has experienced success on the field unmatched by any other Asian country.  It is one of only 6 countries that have achieved at least seven consecutive World Cup Finals appearances.
Korea’s unique football cheering culture, as exemplified by the development of street cheering in 2002 has brought extra excitement to the games and has raised the passion for cheering to an even higher level in countries hosting the World Cup. This exciting festival atmosphere has helped inspire “Fan Fests” which were incredibly popular during the 2006 World Cup Germany and will also be a part of the upcoming 2010 World Cup South Africa.  This type of enthusiastic cheering culture will continue to spread throughout the world, making the future success of the World Cup virtually undeniable.
If South Korea wins hosting rights for World Cup 2022 it will be a World Cup that succeeds in crossing the truce line between South and North Korea. It will be a World Cup that brings together people divided by politics and that may accomplish something years of diplomacy have failed to do—bringing peace and unity to the Korean Peninsula.
  • Korea has world-class infrastructure
  • Korea has had success on the field unmatched by any other Asian country, achieving seven consecutive World Cup Finals appearances.
  • Korea’s unique football cheering culture has brought extra excitement to the games.
  • Korea will host a World Cup that succeeds in crossing the truce line between South and North Korea.