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Saturday, December 12, 2015


Thursday, December 18, 2014

PHOTOS: Qatar National Day 2014 parade

This year’s National Day parade appeared to go smoothly, with near-flawless execution from the military and civil service sectors, and an engaging performance from cultural groups.
Once again, the highlight for the large crowds seemed to be when Qatar’s Emir and his father walked down the Corniche, greeting parade-goers.
The Father Emir allowed residents to drape him with scarves, and some women even kissed his cheeks. Sheikh Tamim greeted several children with smiles and cheers could be heard as the pair made their way down the waterfront.
Much of the parade was tweeted by media outlets and residents who were at the parade and tuning in on TV:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Qatar Introduces Labour Protection Policies Ahead Of FIFA 2022

Workers will be paid electronically, making it easier for authorities to verify that payments are made on time, according to the new charter.

Qatar has released a new set of labour welfare standards, which include guidelines to protect the rights of workers across the country.
The guidelines come even as Qatar starts the construction of football stadiums in preparation to host FIFA 2022 World Cup.
The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy said that it has developed the new worker welfare standards in cooperation with the International Labour Organisation.
The new standards, which govern the entire chain of contracting – from recruitment to repatriation, also cover issues such as payment of wages, proper accommodation and enforcement of labour welfare policies.
According to the new rules, contractors are required to set up bank accounts for their workers, creating an auditable transaction system that will help the committee in verifying that workers are paid on time.
Minimum standards of cleanliness and hygiene and the number of beds allowed per room are also clearly specified in the new charter, the committee said.
The Supreme Committee also has the right to penalise contractors who do not comply with the welfare standards.
There are also legal mechanisms that would enable the committee to step in and make improvements to workers’ living standards at the expense of contractors if they fail to make satisfactory improvement.
In addition, Qatar’s ministry of labour and social affairs (MOLSA) has also stepped up efforts in ensuring worker welfare in the country, a statement said.
The ministry increased its number of labour inspectors by 30 per cent in the last six months and conducted 11,500 spot checks in last three months, according to officials.
Around 306 companies have been classified and their performance will be published to workers and owners, exemplifying best practices in the country, the committee said.
“MOLSA will continue to support in enforcing these standards, and Qatar’s existing labour laws, and to work with other government bodies in Qatar in holding accountable employers who fail to uphold these laws,” said Abdullah Saleh Mubarak Al Khulaifi, minister for MOLSA.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

New diversions put in place at Al Shamal Road as construction steps up

Shamal diversion
As construction on Al Shamal Road ramps up, Ashghal has announced plans to close a part of the road, as well as a side road near the Umm Slal Mohammed area. The latter closure took effect today, and will last through the first quarter of 2015. Commuters have been advised to use the Al Kheesa interchange instead.
On Sunday, Ashghal plans to open a three-lane diversion on Al Shamal Road to help ease traffic related to the construction.
Al Shamal diversion2
That detour will be in place until the end of 2015, the public works authority said, adding:
“On completion, Al Shamal Road will be a modern road of about 95.2 km that connects the northern parts of the country.”

‘Modern road’

To get to that point, Ashghal has been working on the North Road Enhancement Expressway Program, which entails the construction of service roads along Al Shamal from the northern part of Doha at Al Duhail Interchange, to the town of Al Shamal.
The overall project was originally slated for completion at the end of next year, but appears to be behind schedule. Here’s what it will entail, according to Ashghal:
Two new interchanges will be constructed and seven existing interchanges, including Al Kaaban Interchange which connects to the Al Huwailah Link Road, will be improved to increase accessibility and traffic flow. Al Khor Road will also be improved with a link road provided between North Road and Umm Birkah Road.
A cycle path will be constructed along the length of the North Road for the cycling enthusiast and families alike.

World’s largest flag open to visitors through Dec. 24

James Jago
Qatar’s new record-breaking flag will be on display at Lusail City through Tuesday, Dec. 24, organizers have announced.
The 10-ton, 101,000sqm “Flag of Gratitude and Loyalty“ was unveiled and officially declared a Guinness World Record on Monday.
It was originally supposed to be unfurled at Katara Cultural Village’s beachfront, but that plan was scrapped due to logistical issues with transporting the flag. According to the Qatar Tourism Authority:

Qatar’s flag, which sits atop a white base sheet, beats out the record that Romania set for the world’s largest draped flag in May of this year, which was 79,000sqm.

The cloth material used to stitch the flag together, which was flown in on multiple aircraft, will be repurposed into backpacks for children in several different nations, officials said earlier this week.
Have you seen the world’s largest flag yet? Thoughts?